Client Services

Common Client Services


We perform a variety of services to our clients. Most commonly, we issue demand letters, file lawsuits, and aggressively collect debts in commercial and retail debt collection. We also provide numerous other services and we encourage you to contact our law firm to discuss your legal needs.

Collection Services


We work with collection agencies and original creditors from across the country to collect on commercial and consumer debt. Upon receipt of your claim we will send a demand letter to the debtor and attempt to set up a payment plan. In the event the debtor is uncooperative, we will give you our recommendation as to whether we feel suit would be justified. We use all methods allowed by the law to collect the judgment, including garnishment and execution. We are also skilled at negotiating settlements, and we always strive to protect clients' interests.


Business Law Services


We will provide your business planning and setup needs, including walking you through incorporation, and drafting and/or reviewing your employment, management, and partnership agreements. We are also experienced in business litigation matters, such as breach of contract suits.


Real Estate Law Services


We provide an array of legal services and any related necessary litigation under real estate law in New Mexico, focusing on the following:


  • Foreclosure - foreclose judgment liens
  • Real estate contracts - drafting and/or reviewing contracts



Please contact us to discuss your legal needs!



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Commercial and Retail

Debt Collection

Business Law

Real Estate Law

Legal Fees Arrangements

Our law firm charges fair and competitive legal fees based on the rates established by the Commercial Law League of America. Any additional fee percentage collected by our office will be established and agreed upon up front with clients. We are always open and honest about our billing and keep clients informed of costs throughout their cases.


Depending on the type of client and the type of case, we enter into different fee agreements, such as the following:


Contingency: We work under the CLLA rates for collections, or we will negotiate a fee agreement with clients prior to taking further action on a claim. On all collections cases, we will require that the client or forwarder provide costs for lawsuits prior to filing suit on a claim.


Flat Fees: In some cases, we will provide services for clients for a reasonable flat fee.

Hourly Fees: For particular areas of law and legal services we provide we bill at an hourly rate established in our fee agreement. The agreement details the hourly rate and the particular services to be rendered.